The main services provided By Dr. Eisa Al-Hartani’s office are:
environmental consultations
environmental impact assessment studies

1.  Environmental Impact Assessment Environmental auditing and assessment
2  Environmental status of sites
3.  Environmental auditing
4.  Environmental Monitoring and Control Program
5.  Pollution control programs
6. Environmental risk management
7. Environmental Management System ISO (EMS) 1400
8. Regional environmental planning
9. Environmental resources management and development
10.Design of the pollution control facility
11. Sustainable development programs
12. Hazardous waste management system planning
13. Design of hazardous waste facilities and so on
14. Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 1009
15. Occupational Safety and Health System OHSAS 2008
16. Environmental training services
17. Environmental value management
18. Management of the internal environment
19. Environmental Resources and Waste Management System
20. Environmental auditing and environmental impact assessment
21. Environmental standards Pollution control and control techniques
22. Environmental health and risk management
23. ISO (EMS) Environmental Management System
24. Waste Environmental project planning
25. Management system
26. In addition to other training courses such as
1. Preparation of a distinguished environmental officer (sound environmental management)
2. Environmental awareness and pollution in the work environment
3. Methods to control and reduce air pollutants