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About Dr. Eisa Al-Hartany Environmental Consulting Office

Dr. Eisa Al-Hartany Environmental Consulting office is affiliated with the Dr. Eisa Al-Hartany Group.

We are certified, Licensed accredited from General Authority For Meteorology and Environmental Protection for Environmental Consultation, Environmental Studies and Environmental Impact Assessment Studies.

The office is also accredited by other bodies such as the Royal Commission, Aramco, the Saudi Electricity Company, National Water Company, King Abdullah Economic City, the secretariats and Municipalities…. etc.

Furthermore, Dr. Eisa’s office is one of the executive offices operating in the environmental field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the office is established in 1999.

It works to provide high quality to our customers in the environmental field, integrated environmental management systems, sustainable environmental performance, the impact of environmental impacts, compliance monitoring, risk assessment and human health.

Our Mission, Vision and Objective


Al-Hartany Office is Fully committed in providing highest quality professional environmental services through state-of-the art technologies to its clients.

“Environment we grow we keep it for our children”


To become a leading environmental service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In a global business climate of accelerating change, Al-Hartany Office’s long term strategy is based upon the core principles that have supported the company from the beginning. These principles include:-

  • The highest ethical standards;
  • The constant quest to deliver better solutions for our clients;
  • The encouragement of leadership and expertise in our people;
  • The development of an ever-widening network of strategic alliances.

The strength of these principles, expressed in our Strategy and applied all over the world, will provide a stable foundation for the next phase of Al-Hartany Office’s vigorous development as a globally competitive multidisciplinary company.


We work with our clients to develop an appropriate Environmental Management System that suits their business needs to define and attain environmental sustainability. Environmental sustainability allows the production of goods and services in a manner that protects the environment and conserves resources to meet the triple bottom-line: environment, economic and equity goals.

Our Prime objective is to promote public health, safety and welfare; protect Environmental resources; assist in conservation of valuable raw materials and energy resources; and promote sustainable development.

Control of Hazardous Waste through proper management of Hazardous waste at generation point, and its facilities such as storage, transport, treatment and disposal operations in the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia.

Strongly encourage absolute waste reduction through the promotion of waste minimization techniques, low waste technologies, waste re-use and recycling when conducted in a manner that protects human beings and the Environment.
Establish standards for Projects through the Environmental Impact Statements/ Assessments Reports, Site Specification Reports and Environmental audits.

Design and built Water and Wastewater (Sanitary & Industrial) treatment facilities.

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