Tabuk Pharmaceutical Industries Company

Tabuk Pharmaceutical Industries Company was established in 1994 in the Tabuk region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to manufacture and market a wide range of high quality generic pharmaceutical products.
Dr. Issa’s office conducted an environmental study for Tabuk Company, among the large companies it contracted with.

Environmental studies have also been carried out by Dr. Issa Al-Hartani’s office for a very large number of companies, government agencies, and private sector companies and institutions.. Among them are, for example, but not limited to:

  1. Riyadh Advanced Rebar Factory Company
  2. King Salman Energy City
  3. The market for fodder and livestock is unjust
  4. The National Water Company in Riyadh (Al-Malaz desalination plant, Al-Manfuha desalination plant, Al-Ha’ir pumping station, Diriyah purification plant and Saad desalination plant)
  5. Al-Mujama`at Company for Food Industries Ltd.
  6. Jeddah main slaughterhouse
  7. Al Shuqaiq Water Transmission Systems Project – Phase III of the General Corporation for Water Conversion
  8. Saudi Piping Systems Factory Co. Ltd.

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