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Al Hartani Office has a long experience to its credit in providing environmental services. Our staffs have been involved in policy development and review, technical assessments, delivery of specialized and expert advice, peer reviews, and all levels of project management and implementation.

To benefit our clients, we have assembled groups of highly specialized individuals whose expertise in key technical areas allow us to resolve the most complex issues. Our staffs are able to provide a combination of scientific, technical and management experience that has resulted in our firm being trusted by industry, public groups and regulators.


Issuing environmental permits.

Environmental field survey.

Environmental Project Planning.

Renewal of environmental permits.

Issuing environmental records.

Environmental management plan.

Environmental impact assessment study.

Environmental audit study.

Supervising the design of hazardous waste facilities.

Pollution control technology consultations.

Oil sludge treatment technology consultations.

Carrying out environmental monitoring work for projects and
prepare its own report.